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If you are ready to take your trading to the next level, then you've come to the right place!

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Smart Trading is dedicated to assisting you to become a smarter trader. You will be learning from best selling author and experienced stock and CFD trader, Justine Pollard, who will be teaching you all her trading strategies. Now is your opportunity to discover the smarter way to trade the markets.

Justine does not hold back and shares her strategies in the Smart Trading Plan & System Development Course and training packages - you receive all the codes to her market scans, her exit strategies, her trading routine and she will guide you to put this all together in your own trading plan. Ongoing support is also available through an exclusive Smart Traders Mastermind membership program.

There is also plenty of free information available on this site including a range of free articles, monthly newsletters and a free special report that is packed with trading tips.

If you want to invest in shares or CFDs, it is never too late to learn. So don't waste time! Smart Trading is your share and CFD trading specialist. Start by registering now for your free trading tips and start discovering the SMARTER way to trade.

Don't just take our word for it. Read the rave reviews below and throughout the website.

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*Testimonials appearing on this website are based on individual experiences only and results will and do vary depending on individual circumstances. We do not make any representation that these results are typical and are not necessarily representative of those that have or will purchase our products. Please refer to the disclaimer at the bottom of this web page.

"I am currently in the process of completing your Deluxe Smart Training Pack and it is going very well. It is clear and easy to grasp because of the excellent way you present and deliver the course. I can’t believe I procrastinated about investing in the course for so long. Had I got on board a few months earlier I probably would have saved the cost of the course by avoiding some of the losing trades I made. Anyway, onwards and upwards as they say."
Rob Carroll, VIC

"Thank you for your Smart Trading Plan & System Development Course, it has taught me the importance of discipline, and money management, and as a result, I now control my losses with more precision than I did before. I have been very happy with the results to date."
Gerard O'Grady, NSW

"I have just completed your Deluxe Smart Training Pack. Let me tell you that it’s the first time I have come across the most complete Trading Plan I have ever seen, and I have seen many. I’d like to congratulate you on a job well done. I have never found a better and practical guide. Personally I believe that what you have done empowers the life of many people, and personally I believe that this is the greatest gift a person can provide."
Fernando A. de la Viesca, Argentina

"Wow, your Smart Trading Plan & System Development Online Course is top of the line. The video sessions are extremely helpful and provide a step by step visual guide to learning to trade. It is just what I needed. The course has really improved my trading and refined my skills. I am ten times more efficient with my trading routine now. I can't thank you enough for all the time you put into teaching. You always go over and above!"
Kiri Merritt, WA

"Your Smart Trading Plan & System Development Course and videos are a real inspiration. I have been trading for a number of years and have been lectured by many well known trading mentors and I have to say that your videos and notes are in a class of their own. I only wish I had discovered you earlier. I look forward to introducing other members of my family to you and your system. Congratulations and thank you."
Jim Bartlett, QLD

"I have found your Smart Trading Plan & System Development Course to be extremely beneficial. I have been trading for nearly five years with sporadic success. Your ability to explain things from a traders perspective and outlining events that may happen (which I certainly can relate to!) have made me feel more comfortable with my progress. Your focus on the money management and emotions is certainly where I am up to. I have completed a diploma in Technical Analysis through ATAA and found it excellent but all the tools and indicators in the world will not make me a better trader. Your course has enabled me to complete my first plan and it is like having a weight taken off my shoulders to have something I can turn to ensure I follow the rules when things happen quickly and unexpectedly."
Malcolm Tew, ACT

"I have now completed your Deluxe Smart Training Pack and have completed my trading plan and have MetaStock up and running. I have to say, the course was extremely comprehensive and well put together. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. What also really appealed to my ‘teacher’ side was how systematic and methodical it was. As someone who is relatively new to trading, I'm so glad I discovered your courses. I'm sure that by learning how to do things properly from the outset, I've saved myself heaps of time, money and angst. Thank you so much Justine for getting me started on my trading journey in the best possible way - your courses were money well and truly wisely spent.​"
Samantha Mainardi, ​​VIC

"For more than five years I've been a constant user of the Smart Trader Spreadsheet and would not trade without it. I trade shares, CFDs and FX and the Smart Trader Spreadsheet handles everything from position sizing, trade management, performance reporting and portfolio management with simplicity and ease. It is an exceptional trade management tool that dovetails beautifully with my trading plan and makes trade management a breeze."
Fay Benjamin, QLD

"I am very impressed with the Smart Technical Analysis Home Study Course. I have read many books on charting and trading and was very confused. This home study course is very user friendly and is going to assist my trading decisions tremendously."
Frank Sellam, NSW

"I have been downloading your Smart Traders Mastermind sessions for future reference and felt compelled to email you in utter amazement at your energy and enthusiasm which is clearly reflected in all facets of your life. You are a source of constant inspiration and encouragement to me which I feel can never be truly expressed in mere words."
Pete Wolf-Jones, NSW

"Thank you - what I learned from your Deluxe Smart Training Pack is well beyond any expectation I had. I was already very familiar with MetaStock but still leaned a trick or two. But what made the most impact on me was your money management and risk management system. I can't tell you the dramatic impact these have had on how I invest. The "requirement" to build a trading plan was a terrific exercise and has absolutely improved my discipline and approach. Again, I can't thank you enough."
Steve Argersinger

"I have tried to learn to trade from various sources and other well known professional traders over the years but on testing them, they always fell short or I was left wanting or disappointed. Then I found Justine Pollard and purchased her Smart Deluxe Training Package. I have to say that I have never seen a course so generous in helping traders. It is very well organised and deserves credit. At last I feel confident in jumping feet first into a competent environment of like minded traders. Don't LEAVE the industry Justine, you deserve to LEAD it."
Newton Hill, WA

"Thank you! Your Maximising MetaStock is a great course. I was fairly comfortable using MetaStock but have always thought there must be some easier ways of doing the things that I was doing. Your course has assisted me in simplifying MetaStock without having to spend lots of time tinkering with it and trying to work it out myself. I now have it all set-up and my charts are looking pretty good now."
Darren Dunn, QLD

"Thank you Justine, once again you have helped me out immensely. For what its worth, out of all my past trading mentors, you come out on top."
Darryl B, VIC

"I have found your Smart Trading Plan & System Development Course exactly what I have been looking for. When I first began trading I took a few losses in the market and my trading account fell in value. Since using your Smart Trading system, (just over a year ago), I have not only recouped that loss but I now have a healthy trading balance in my account. Your no nonsense system has been a god-send to my approach to trading. Thank you for sharing your trading knowledge with me."
John Wnek, VIC

"Thanks for all of your help. It's been a pleasure dealing with you and I know I've said it previously but you do an absolutely superb job. I've recommended you to few people now and I can't speak highly enough of your enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism. You're a real asset to the greater trading community."
Brent D., VIC

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